Salt Lake Community College's Workforce & Economic Development division responds to Utah's industry and workforce needs. It offers schedule flexibility and variety, with more than 60 training programs from basic computer skills to advanced manufacturing and leadership development. Our team excels at tailoring existing training or creating custom training to fit your current needs. Get started today with short-term training that yields long-term career results.


Bringing workforce training opportunities to individuals and local companies

$3 million + in grants and government funding


Partnering with communities and businesses to enhance career options

More than 100 partnerships


Creating new and adapting current programs to meet Utah's needs

Over 50 programs and courses


Classes and workshops offered online, days and evenings.

Trainings can also be tailored to meet the unique needs of your company.

Lineworker's Pre-Apprentice Program Celebrates 10 years; Power Companies Hungry for New Graduates

A hot shower, followed by a cup of fresh-made coffee, and some cold milk aimed for the cereal bowl is such a common morning routine that many of us forget that it wouldn't be possible without functioning powerlines. Read more...


The Lineworker Pre-Apprenticeship program is in its 10th year of providing all-inclusive, affordable training.


The Westpointe Workforce Education and Training Center was opened in 2018.


The TRAC Apprenticeship model became the first of its kind in the state of Utah with Stadler Rail.


Member of the National Council of Workforce Education (NCWE)


Partnering with DWS to provide Medical Device Manufacturing training to single mothers.