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Emergency Alert System Sign-Up Info

Salt Lake Community College has an emergency alert notification system. The College can quickly notify all SLCC students and employees who have signed up for the service in the event of an emergency.

We value your privacy. We also value your safety. It is important that everyone who works and studies at the College signs up for this important service.

You can choose to be notified in the event of emergency by phone, by email or text message, or any combination of the three.

 To sign up: login to MyPage, go to the 'Emergency Alert System' channel, click on the 'Add/Edit/View Contact Info' link and fill out the 'EmergencyAlert Information' form. Provide contact numbers— your work, home, cell phone number, or any other emergency contacts. 

Be sure to list the numbers in the order you would like to be contacted.

All SLCC alert notifications will also be posted on the College web site at:

Contact Emergency Manager

Scott A. Jones
Emergency Manager
Department of Public Safety