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The Academic Standards policy exists to help students reach their academic potential and maintain an expected level of academic performance at the institution.  At SLCC, academic good standing is when a student’s semester & cumulative GPA are above 2.0.  At anytime, when either the semester or cumulative GPA fall below 2.0, then the Academic and Career Advising office contacts the student to encourage them to seek assistance.

There are many reasons why students might find themselves in academic difficulty.  If students’ semester & cumulative GPA fall below 2.0 with more than 15 credits, then the student is placed on Academic Warning, Conditional Enrollment, or Probation.  A registration restriction is placed on the student's record.  These students receive a letter to notify them of their status.  In order to release the restriction, a student must meet with an Academic Advisor.  Students placed on Warning, can select to attend an Academic Success Workshop instead of meeting with an advisor.

The other levels of Academic Standards are: Academic Alert, Academic Notification, Continued Warning, Continued Conditional Enrollment, & Continued Academic Probation.  These students do not receive a restriction, but do receive an email notifying them of their status and to seek assistance as needed.

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