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Academic and Career Advising

Career Advising

Student achievement begins with major and career exploration. Whether you are undecided on a major, exploring a new program of study (major), or verifying your current direction, a career advising session will assist with the decision-making process and career development. A variety of valuable resources is available for your use and is designed to facilitate personal growth and development in choosing a field of study.

Career Advisors

All advisors are able to advise you on career exploration resources. The specialists listed below can assist you with in-depth analysis of the results of your career assessments.

Note: We will assist students up to 30 minutes before closing.

AdvisorContact InfoOffice

Madeline Corona
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Taylorsville Redwood
Student Center 240
LuAnn Furner
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Taylorsville Redwood
Student Center 240
Tony Rizzuto
Taylorsville Redwood
Student Center 240


Career Assessments

Career assessments can help you select a college major or course of study, choose a specific job or career, identify strengths and potential weaknesses, increase job satisfaction, and plan your career development strategy and action plan.


The 100 Days of Career Exploration campaign encourages you to take 10 minutes a day for 100 days to discover your major and career path.

Major & Career Discovery Series (MCDS)

Free online course for major exploration, informational resources, and interactive activities.

Career Exploration Station

Visit our hands-on area at our Taylorsville Redwood Campus office where you can access resources online using provided computers which include access to career assessments, career planning sites and videos that highlight major and career exploration tools. Take home any of our printed materials, research and explore which major will help you achieve your career goals, and start planning your future.

Career Resources

Additional links to major and career exploration resources within the college and throughout the nation.

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