Academic and Career Advising

What Does The Campbell Interest & Skills Survey(SII) Assessment Provide?

  • It is an assessment that measures self-report vocational interests and skills.
  • Although similar to traditional interesting inventories, the assessment interests’ scales reflect your attraction for specific occupational areas. 
  • Adds parallel skill scales that can provide estimates of your confidence in your in your ability to perform various occupation activities. 
  • Professional interpretation.

 General Assessment Instructions  

  1. Complete the assessment when you are relaxed and comfortable. 
  2. Give yourself plenty of time. Plan for about one hour without interruptions. Your results may become skewed if you feel rushed. 
  3. Try not to ponder the questions; make your choice based on your first reaction. These assessments identify your "innate" preferences or choices. 
  4. Take off your work, spouse, and/or parent "hat"; make your selections without thinking about "who" you think you should be. 
  5. If you cannot make a decision on a choice, skip it. This assessment is a sorting mechanism, not a measurement tool. Skipping a question or two will not affect your results (Is this true for all assessments?) 
  6. There is no pass/fail mechanism on these assessments. 

 Take Assessment 

Contact Academic and Career Advising by phone at 801-957-4978 to have your assessment set up.

 After Completion 

Please call (801) 957-4978 to have your interpretation scheduled for an appointment with our Career Counselor/Advisor. Please have your receipt number ready to verify payment. For further information, you may contact us by email: Thank you!