Academic and Career Advising

TypeFocus Instructions

What Does TypeFocus Assessment Provide?

  • Quick Assessments including
    • Success Factors Questionnaire
    • Personality
    • Interest
    • Values
  • Helpful Resources
    • Explore Occupations at various levels of preparation
    • Set Goals
    • Job Search Tools
    • Success at Work
    • Portfolio

What Are The Costs? 

FREE to all SLCC students.

Assessment Steps 

NOTE:  Print instructions before proceeding to below website.

  1. Sign into your MyPage Account
  2. Go to the Student Tab
  3. Scroll down to Student Resources
  4. Click on Academic/Career Advising
  5. Scroll down (within Student Resources Scroll bar) to Type Focus New User and Click
  6. Fill out Information, and click on Success Factors Questionnaire 
  7. Each assessment only take around 5-10 min.

After Completion

After taking the assessments and reviewing them, click on Explore Occupations.

These assessments are self-explanatory with a lot of information located on the left tool bar; however, if you want to discuss them with an advisor just call at 801-957-4978 to make an appointment to discuss your TypeFocus results.