During Orientation: Registering for the First Time

Welcome to Academic Advising!

As Academic Advisors we strive to be a resource for you to understand what you need to do to succeed at SLCC. While this most often means putting together a plan for you to complete the classes necessary to complete your degree or certificate, it also means notifying you of tools and resources that you can access as an SLCC student to do your own planning and decision-making.

Mandatory Advising Appointments

Students new to SLCC may have holds placed on their account that require them to see an academic advisor sometime between their orientation and registering for their second semester. If you are one of these students, you will want to review the following information before your first one-on-one meeting with an advisor. You will also receive another hold when you should be around 75% complete with your declared program of study to make sure you’re on track to graduate.


You should have received your Student ID and information to sign into MySLCC with your admissions letter. Once you sign into MySLCC you will be able to sign into other SLCC systems without having to sign in again.

Contact the Help Desk at helpdesk@slcc.edu or 801-957-5555 for MySLCC login assistance.


Bruinmail will be on the first tab when you sign in to MySLCC. BruinMail is the College's official means of communication with you. Advisors will primarily send you information through Bruinmail and will be able to answer specific questions about your student information if you communicate through Bruinmail.


DegreeWorks is a web-based checklist that allows you and your academic advisors to track your progress toward graduation and maps out your educational plan.


Additional DegreeWorks tutorials are available on the DegreeWorks webpage. Have a copy of your Degree Audit to review at your first advising appointment.

Suggested Course Plans in General Catalog

DegreeWorks is programmed according to program requirements listed in the General Catalog. The General Catalog also has Graduation Maps for all our programs of study that show what courses we recommend for a full-time students for each semester.


While still in MySLCC, you can set up your appointment with your Academic Advisor by name or by locations.

Prospective students or students admitted within the last few days will not be able to log into MySuccess. Your MySuccess account will be created a few days after Admission to the college. Please call the Academic Advising front desk to set up an appointment instead.

Schedule Appointment Video Tutorial

Logging in and Creating Your Profile

Once you have scheduled your appointment, you will be directed to complete your advising intake form.

Math and English Placement

All programs of study at SLCC require a math and English course. During orientation your advisor let you know of your specific math and English requirements. If you are in any of the following situations, you will need to visit an SLCC Testing Center location to complete the math and English placement questionnaires.

  • Your ACT or SAT math scores have expired. ACT math scores expire after 18 months, SAT math scores expire after 1 year. (English and Reading scores for both exams are good forever.)
  • You are an ESL student.
  • You have a GED.
  • You still need to complete your Composition and Quantitative Literacy requirements.

The placement process should take around 40 minutes to complete. If you are unsure of your math and/or your English placement, please contact your Academic Advisor.

SLCC also provides informational videos about the different math and English course we have available to assist with your placement into the correct course.

Registering for Courses Using College Scheduler

SLCC has recently adopted a tool called College Scheduler to help you set up a schedule by the campus you need, blocking out times for other responsibilities, and giving you multiple scheduling options to choose from. Once you find the schedule that works for you, College Scheduler will even log in and get your registered!

  • Sign into MySLCC
  • Registration
  • College Scheduler Registration