General Studies

If you are in General Studies, you have been assigned an Academic Advisor by the first letter of your last name. You can schedule an in-person or online appointment with your advisor by signing into MySuccess or calling any of our front desk specialists. You may also call the front desk to schedule with an advisor at the campus that is most convenient for you.

Taylorsville Redwood Campus


South City Campus


Jordan Campus


Click on the advisor's name to schedule an appointment or follow the steps below to schedule through MySuccess.

Steps to schedule an appointment with an advisor:

  1. Log in at your MySLCC page.
  2. Select the “ADVISING” tab.
  3. Select “Login to MySuccess” option.
  4. Check your My Success Network on your homepage to see who your Primary Advisors are for each service on campus OR if your desired staff member/campus service is not listed in your Success Network, you can type them into the search bar.
  5. Click on the staff member you would like to meet to view their Schedule Appointment Button.
  6. Select your date, time, and location (in-office, phone, or WebEx video chat).

You will receive a confirmation email to your Bruinmail.

General Studies

General Studies Exploratory

If you were admitted to the college on or after Fall 2019 and have selected a pathway, please refer to your MySuccess connection or MySuccess network to find out who your advisor is. You can also use the information below to find your advisor.

A-C, Elizete Bond, 801.957.3227, 

D-H, Gordon Storrs, 801.957.3125,

I-M, Veronica Medina, 801.957.3199,

N-S, Flavia Cervino-Wood, 801.957.3441,

T-Z, Elizete Bond, 801.957.3227,

A-E, Michael Purles, 801.957.3719,

F-L, LuAnn Furner, 801.957.5066,

M-R, Tien Pham, 801.957.3866,

S-V, Elizabeth Valle, 801.957.5173,

W-Z, Michael Atkinson, 801.957.4835,

A-B, Cynthia Bonsall, 801.957.6215,

C-E, Cynthia Bonsall, 801.957.6215,

F-H, Cynthia Bonsall, 801.957.6215,

I-L, Cynthia Bonsall, 801.957.6215,

M-P, Angela Harvey, 801.957.6215,

Q-S, Natasha Brenchley, 801.957.6215,

T-Z, Danielle Mills, 801.957.6215,

A-G, Philip Anosike, 801.957.3336,

H-P, Luz Gamarra, 801.957.3244,

Q-Z, Claudia Gutierrez-Sanchez, 801.957.4618,

A-D, Stacey Case, 801.957.4550,

E-K, Hector Cando, 801.957.3112,

L-R, Sylvia Peralta, 801.957.2171,

S-Z, Scott Wakefield, 801.957.3363,

A-C, Chanelle Konzak, 801.957.3374,

D-H, Madeline Corona, 801.957.4986,

I-M, David Robles, 801.957.4931,

N-S, Erin Beltran, 801.957.3308,

T-Z, Heidi Saunders, 801.957.4452,

A-C, Sandra Garcia-Sanchez, 801.957.5046,

D-G, Jeanne Westgard, 801.957.4858,

H-L, Gloria Rivera, 801.957.4273,

M-P, Chris Bruun, 801.957.3751,

Q-T, Okony Cham, 801.957.4146,

U-Z, Marilyn Brumbaugh, 801.957.4720,