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Academic and Career Advising

Email an Advisor

You can connect with an advisor online via email.  In order to do so, simply email your question(s) to  Emails are answered within 48 business hours.

Our online Academic Advisors are able to answer general questions regarding academic program and student services.  They can also help you with educational information such as: progress toward completion of degree requirements, class scheduling, academic standing, grades, repeated courses and other similar information.

If you would like an advisor to assist you with personal educational information or check your transcript for any reason, please attach an Information Release to your email so we can access your records and email you about that.

The body of your email should include your name, the degree you are seeking and any specific questions you would like us to answer.

Note: Online Advisors do not have access to advisors calendars and cannot make appointments for students.  To make an appointment with a program advisor:
Click on
Advisors on the left navigation, then scroll down to Program Advisors and use the Schedule Appointment feature. General Advisors see students on a walk-in basis.  For office hours see Contact Us.

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