The Accounting program at SLCC provides training in financial and managerial accounting as well as in taxation. Students are taught both manual and basic computerized accounting systems.

Accounting is the process that summarizes economic information about a business entity for use by decision makers. Users of this information include investors, creditors, management and government agencies. Often this information is prepared using computer applications.

Program Contacts

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Business Pathway Advisors:
  • All New Freshmen Business Student Cohort Advisor

Michael Purles

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Taylorsville Redwood
BB 214 E
  • All other continuing business students
  • Business AA & AS
  • Accounting
  • Business Management
  • Finance & Credit
  • Marketing Management
  • *If your last name begins with A-E:

Sadie Tsosie

Taylorsville Redwood
STC 240
  • *If your last name begins with F-L:

LuAnn Furner

Taylorsville Redwood
STC 240
  • *If your last name begins with M-R:

Tien Pham

Taylorsville Redwood
BB 214 F
  • *If your last name begins with S-V:

Elizabeth Valle

Taylorsville Redwood
STC 240 B
  • Lead Pathway Advisor
  • *If your last name begins with W-Z:

Michael Atkinson

Taylorsville Redwood
CT 292