Alumni Spotlight

SLCC alum 'making a difference in the world'

Brittany_EvansWhen Brittany Evans enrolled at Salt Lake Community College in 2009, all she knew was that she wanted to "help make a change and difference in the world." 

Before she graduated with an associate degree in International Studies, Evans started a club that focused on environmental issues. That club was chosen as "Club of the Year." 

She also had a business sense about her, competing in Opportunity Quest at SLCC with a basic business idea and plan - and she won. 

The path toward how she would eventually be able to "make a change" began to gel at SLCC. 

"Landfills and waste are such a huge problem and a waste of resources to boot, so, I figured that's how I wanted to help," Evans said. "I thought it would be an amazing idea to reform material, where you could take material that was waste and turn it back into something worth while." 

The club she started turned into a 501(c)(3) called EnviroHub. 

"As I ran the nonprofit, I kept pushing my business idea and running groups that were helping me to target the business idea I wanted to do, which brought me into recycling, which got me narrowed down to glass recycling," she said. "Today EnviroHub is doing very well and being run by one of my partners, and I am still on the board helping." 

In 2011 Evans went to work for a local glass processor called Glass Recycling Group, which had been around for about 15 years. She learned the business and in 2013 bought it with money she had saved on college by earning scholarships. She changed the name of the business to Clear Intentions and since then decided to move it to Colorado. 

"It is very important for glass recycling to have the support of the local people and municipalities," Evans said. "Colorado has one of the lowest recycling rates in the nation, but the culture is very sustainable and the municipalities are very supportive of recycling programs." 

She was awarded a grant from the state to help set up the new facility in Colorado, and she has been raising money from investors to make the move. She also graduated in May from Westminster College with a dual major in Sustainable Business and Accounting. 

Evans credits a nudge from former SLCC advisor Melanie Hall for helping decide where to go after SLCC. "She thought I truly had the potential and would fit into Westminster College," Evans said. "She was right. I found even more mentors and pursued the career I truly wanted to go into."