APPEAL: STIL Late Fee or Tuition Late Fee
This is a request to reverse the $15.00 late fee associated with making late monthly STIL payments or to reverse the $50.00 tuition late payment fee due to eligible circumstances.
It is reviewed, then granted or denied by the Accounts Receivable department.

Title IV Special Agreement
Federal Aid student authorization to SLCC to apply up to $200.00 of financial aid funds to prior semesters and to make payments for tuition, fees, parking tickets, passes, returned checks, late fees, and any other charges.

Garnishment Waiver (Utah State Income Tax Refunds)
Releases individual Utah State Income Tax Refunds to pay debt to Salt Lake Community College. This form waives the 15 day waiting period for garnishment of the state income tax refund which allows for any other additional refund, if any, to be returned to the student in a faster process.

STIL (Semester Tuition Installment Loan)
Printable application for the STIL.  This form may only be used by those students who are under the age of 18 or in Bankruptcy.  Please apply online through MySLCC if you do not meet one of these criteria.