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Examples of Excellence

Click on the videos to hear how our faculty used excellent assessment practices in their classrooms.

Ray Emett thumbnailAssessment Connect to Student Advisement

Ray found that their assessment information built a bridge to student advisement.




Doug Miller thumbnailUsing Case Studies for Critical Thinking

Doug describes how he fosters and measures critical thinking in his students using case studies.




Jennifer BaumanFaculty Collaboration Strengthens Results:

Jennifer led a faculty committee to implement a study which yielded critical information for department-wide curricular improvement.




Craig Caldwell thumbnailAssessment Planning For Student Success:

Craig and his colleagues designed assessments to drive specific student learning and to provide useful information for verifying student success.




Jerri Harwell thumbnailCollege-wide Outcomes Can Be Used In The Classroom:

Jerri used the college-wide outcomes rubric development guide to build scoring tools for her regular classroom assignments.




Richard Hemingway thumbnailUse Measures That Matter:

Richard used external industry certification assessment data matching the sort of information that he and employers valued.




DeeAnn Jensen thumbnailMultiple Measures Improve Meaning:

Dee Ann and her colleagues used multiple measures to study student success rates yielding key curricular improvements.




Shirene McKay thumbnailYou are Not Alone:

Shirene used college resources to gather important information for improving student success.




Lynnette Yerbury thumbnailClassroom Assessment Becomes Program Assessment:

Lynnette turned course assessment results into program assessment information by looking at the same outcomes across courses.




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