Assessment Overview Videos

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Barbara Gover thumbnailUses of Assessment Data

Barbara explains how SLCC uses assessment data at multiple levels.




Tom Zane thumbnailPhilosophy Statement

Tom explains our how classroom assessment drives the assessment system.




Jane Drexler thumbnailWhy the Faculty Senate Supports Assessment

Jane believes assessment can help educators build a higher educational experience for our students.




Kit Giddings thumbnailAssessment Creates a Rudder for Teaching

Kit uses data from assessment of her students’ learning to guide her teaching.




Lois Oestreich thumbnailThe Power of Feedback

Lois identifies the components and value of giving regular feedback to her students.




Clifton Sanders thumbnailAssessment In The STEM Disciplines

Clifton explains why assessment is useful to faculty in the STEM disciplines.




Jude Higgins thumbnailHow the FTLC Supports Faculty with Assessment

Jude explains how the Faculty Teaching and Learning Center can support faculty with assessment.




Joseph Diaz thumbnailHow Institutional Research Supports Ongoing Assessment

Joseph describes the types of data available from institutional research.




Chris Picard thumbnailExpectations From the Provost

Chris sets a goal for all departments to engage with the assessment of critical thinking this year.