Aviation Maintenance


Todd Baird 

Todd M. Baird
Program Coordinator
, SLCC Aviation Maintenance Instructor, A&P, IA, Skills USA Advisor – Aviation Program/FAA Designated Mechanics Examiner

Education: Heavy Equipment Maintenance AS, Aviation Maintenance AS – Salt Lake Community College; Honeywell Turbo-shaft, EMB120 systems; Canadair Systems; Robinson Helicopters

Background: Overhaul technician and trainer for turbine engine overhaul facility, floor technician and crew supervisor of airframe and powerplant for major regional airline, regional jet taxi trainer both turbo props and jets. Responsible for the powerplant program at Salt Lake Community College, procuring through grant-writing turbine engine test cells for the lab arena and new work stations for student lab area’s and providing current aviation work practices insight and guidance into SLCC’s A and P program.

Most notable quote: “Integrity, Accountability, Work Ethic.”

Contact: Airport Center, (801) 957-2061

Brian Williamson

Brian Williamson
SLCC Aviation Maintenance Faculty Administrator, Associate Professor, A&P, IA, DME.

Education: FCC General Radio and Telephone License, BS in Aviation Management from Pacific Northwest University
Background: 40 years of aviation experience, including Maintenance Supervisor; Chief Inspector, at both airframe and engine overhaul facilities: Established the SLCC A&P program in 1983. Responsible for obtaining demonstration trainers, newer aircraft, and providing experience, insight and guidance into SLCC’s A&P program.

Most notable quote: “You can do it if you try”

Contact: Airport Center, (801) 957-2059

Steven Mendiola

Steve Mendiola
Instructor, A&P

Education: Clover Park Vocational Institute
Background: Sky Services engine overhaul; Alaska Airlines, Hangar Mechanic; Lear Siegler airframe structures and avionics mechanic, 13 years instructor SLCC.

Most notable quote: “Ask yourself this question…does that go there?”

Contact: Airport Center, (801) 957-2060

Jamie Horning

Jaime Horning 
SLCC Aviation Maintenance Instructor, A&P, IA, Skills USA Advisor – Aviation Program

Education: Factory trained on Cessna Systems: multi-engine heating, pressurization and landing gear systems. Factory trained on CRJ 200/700/900 Aircraft: Specific systems training, electrical systems, hydraulic systems, fight control systems, landing gear systems, pneumatics and GE CF-34-3B/8C Engines and Line Maintenance. EMB-120 Systems and Powerplant (P&W 118). Factory Trained at Cirrus Aircraft for Composite Repair. B-727, MD-90 & DC-9 Specific systems training, electrical systems, hydraulic systems, fight control systems, landing gear systems and pneumatics. NDT training with Eddy Current, Magnetic Particle and Liquid and Dye Penetrate. Robinson Helicopter factory training and certification.

Background: Since I was a child I had an interest in airplanes, so naturally when I completed high school I started an A & P program in 1991 at Cheyenne Aero Tech in Cheyenne Wyoming, where I graduated with high honors. Once I graduated and obtained my A&P license I moved back home to Billings Montana where I got my first start in Aviation. I worked at a small FBO/Flight School for 7 years, maintained aircraft ranging from Cessna 150-421 and Beech King Air C90-200. I also was involved in overhauling various engines such as Lycoming and TCM. In 1998 I moved to Salt Lake City to work for SkyWest Airlines, where I maintained CRJ 200,700 & 900 and EMB 120. I also worked as a floor mechanic/Lead Mechanic and then transferred into the Quality Assurance Department.

Most notable quote: Who you choose to be around you lets you know who you are!

Contact: Airport Center, (801) 957-2058

Shaun Anderson
R. Shaun Anderson
SLCC Aviation Maintenance Instructor, A&P

Education:  B.S. Aero Technology, (A&P), B.A. Business Management Utah State University, FCC General Radiotelephone Operators License with Radar Endorsement, Private Pilot’s License, NCATT Aircraft Electronics Technician certification with four Endorsements, Autonomous Nav Systems, Dependent Nav Systems, Onboard Com & Safety Systems, and Radio Com Systems.          

Background:  Fifteen years’ experience in aviation working as an Avionics Technician for various companies. SkyWest Airlines with training on CRJ 200,700,900 and ERJ 175 Jets and EMP-120 turboprop aircraft.  Cessna (R & D) Mustang, XLS+, Citations, Caravan. Flight test, assembly, and inspection on Bell Helicopter military aircraft, H-1 and V-22 Osprey.   Bombardier Aerospace (LearJet), working on Lear 45, 31a, 60, and Challenger models.  Comprising Avionics systems from Collins, Honeywell, and Garmin etc.

Most notable quote:  To Succeed in Life, you need three things:  A wishbone, a backbone, and a funnybone…Reba McEntire

Contact: Airport Center, (801) 957-2057

Directions to the Aviation Maintenance facility at the Airport Center