Biology Assessment

General Assessment Information                 

Position Statement on Assessment .                         .                                                 SLCC Accreditation, Assessment & Planning
What is an Educated Person Statement .                                                                    SLCC Biology SLO's

Why Have Placements and Prerequisites?                                                                 SLCC Biology Program CWSLO 
Community College Assessment Framework .

Biology Program/College Wide Assessment

CWLO - Communication
CWLO - Critical Thinking

CWLO - Quantitive Literacy

  • Coming Fall 2015

Program Assessment

SLCC AS Biology Program Review

Biology Course Assessment

BIOL 1090 (Human Biology) Departmental Final Exam

BIOL 1010 (Intro to Biology) Departmental Final Exam

BIOL 1610 (College Biology I) Pre/Post Quiz

BIOL 2320/2420 (Human Anatomy/Human Physiology)  -

Coming Spring 2015

Course Wide Grade Distributions


BIOL 1010 (Introduction to Biology)


BIOL  1090 (Human Biology)


BIOL  1610 (College Biology I)


BIOL  2060 (Microbiology)


BIOL  2320 (Human Anatomy)

BIOL  2420 (Human Physiology)

Syllabi Standardization Project

Syllabi Requirements

NEW   Structural Assessment of General Education classes 2010/2011