Frequently Asked Questions

The student must submit their transcripts to Enrollment Services before the department chair will review and register student for the lab and BIOL 2900 course to show the grade received.

All students must have their transcripts submitted and evaluated by Enrollment Services before the Biology Department will evaluate transcripts. It would be unfair to students who are awaiting their transcript evaluations who also want to register for upper-level biology courses.

No. The content and knowledge gained in BIOL 1610/1615 is necessary to be successful in upper-level biology classes.

In most cases no. The Biology Department will review transcripts in this regard but only after transcripts have been evaluated by Enrollment Services.

Yes, both BIOL 1610/1615 (or its equivalent) and either CHEM 1110 or CHEM 1210 (or it's equivalent) are pre-requisites for BIOL 2420/2425.

No, the lecture and the lab are co-requisite courses and must be taken concurrently no matter how a student did in the lab section in a previous semester.

No, students must take both the lecture and lab as they are co-requisites and the lab constitutes 20% of the overall course grade.

Most biology classes have co-requisite labs and the wait list function does not work with these types of courses. Students must watch registration closely and add the class as soon as an available spot opens up.

Only students can register for classes during open registration. Faculty do not have the ability to add any student to their class during open registration. However; students are encouraged to see the instructor the first day of classes to find out when they will be dropping students for "non-attendance." Students will then need to watch registration very closely for openings in the class.

Registering for classes is a "first-come-first serve" basis so it would be unfair to add students during open registration. Student must register for classes themselves. Furthermore, the college has enrollment caps so that students can be served adequately and efficiently based on enrollment estimates. If course capacities were exceeded campus-wide then student services (registration, enrollment services, financial aid services, food services etc.) would be extremely burdened by the thousand+ students (not just one student).

Yes, the Biology Department does offer students in this situation the option of taking the lab only, but only if they successfully passed (C or above) the lecture portion. Please contact the Chair of the Biology Department regarding this option.

The class you are trying to register for will probably not be opened unless additional funding becomes available. You may want to watch the class to see if it becomes available. Do not wait until the last minute to register for another class, as the closed class will probably not be opened.

No you cannot test out of 1610.

Sample Schedule

Fall SemesterSpring Semester
BIOL 1610/1615 4 BIOL 1620/1625 4
CHEM 1210/1215 5 BIOL 2030/2035 4
MATH 1210 4 CHEM 1220/1225 5
Distribution 3 Distribution 3
Total Credits 16 Total Credits 16
2nd Fall Semester2nd Spring Semester
BIOL Elective 4 ENGL 2010 3
CHEM 2310/2315 5 Distribution 3
ENGL 1010 3 American INST 3
HLAC Elective 1 Student Choice 3
Distribution 3 Elective 4
Total Credits 16 Total Credits 16