Vivian Ngan-Winward, PhD, CQIA, CCT, CQE

•     Biomanufacturing Program Director & STUDENTfacturED Mentor
•     Office:     Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) Jordan campus, JHS 270
•     Phone:    801-957-6210
•     E-mail:

Vivian has over 20 years of research experience, with the last 8 of these spent in the biotech industry just prior to joining SLCC.  Her most recent industry position was lead scientist in Idaho Technology Inc's Regulatory Affairs group, for which she was responsible for directing and reporting on pre-clinical studies that led to FDA clearance of multiple PCR-based organism detection kits.  Her experience with good manufacturing practices, quality systems, federal regulations, and production processes and procedures is an asset to the program.  Vivian is an active member of the American Society for Quality Salt Lake Section, and has affiliation with the Intermountain Biomedical Association.




Dolly Holt, MS

•     Adjunct Instructor for BMAN 1130 – Bioengineering in Society (ID)
•     Office:     Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) Jordan campus, JHS 268
•     E-mail:

Dolly obtained her BS from Utah State University in Biological Engineering and PhD from the University of Utah in Bioengineering.  Dolly served as a fellow for the American Heart Association, studying the regulation of myofibroblastic metalloproteinase secretion, and as an IMSURE fellow utilizing nano- and micro-fabrication techniques to develop ultra-low-power       devices for biomedical implant applications.  She has also developed drug-encapsulated       nanoparticles for targeted chemotherapy and is currently developing in vitro models of the       foreign body response.  In addition to her diverse research background, Dolly has experience       with technology transfer including filing 4 invention disclosures, serving as the chair for       TechTitans (a state-wide design and idea competition), and serving as a Lassonde Center       associate, where she developed a business plan for a medical device used for early optic       neuritis detection.  Her expertise makes her an asset to this program.




Jie Gu, MD & PhD

•     Adjunct Instructor for BMAN 1120 – Basic Biomanufacturing Skills
•     Office:     Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) Jordan campus, JHS 268
•     E-mail:

Jie has over 15 years of research experience at academic institutes and biotechnology companies, particularly in the areas of molecular biology and human genetics.  Jie held a Molecular Geneticist position at Axial Biotech and was involved in genome-wide association studies and the development of genetic diagnostics before joining SLCC.  Prior to that, she was       the Senior Scientist at Functional Genetics Inc, working on the development of anti-viral       therapeutics.  She received her MD from Peking University (Beijing, China) and PhD degree       from Rutgers University (New Jersey).  Her experience and knowledge with good manufacturing       practices and FDA regulations are assets to the program.




Karl Perkes, BS

•     Adjunct Instructor for BMAN 2120 – Verification & Validation
•     Office:     Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) Jordan campus, JHS 268
•     E-mail:






Kelly Winterberg, PhD

•     Adjunct Instructor for BMAN 1110 – Intro to Biomanufacturing
•     Office:     Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) Jordan campus, JHS 268
•     E-mail:








Mary Nelson, PhD

•     Assistant Director of InnovaBio & Adjunct Instructor for BMAN 1180 – Biomanufacturing                     Experience
•     Office:     Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) Jordan campus, JHS 240
•     Phone:    801-957-6327
•     E-mail:

Mary completed her PhD in Oncological Sciences in 2007 at the University of Utah’s Huntsman Cancer Institute under the direction of Dr Barbara Graves.  Her research was focused on       studying the mechanism of phosphorylation-induced protein-protein interaction in the Ras-MAP       kinase pathway.  Mary was hired by Salt Lake Community College in January 2009 as the       Assistant Director of InnovaBio, a contract research organization serving both student interns       and biotech industry partners in the Salt Lake area.




Tom Bartunek

•     Adjunct Instructor for BMAN 2130 – Measurement Fundamentals]
•     Office:     Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) Jordan campus, JHS 268
•     E-mail:

Tom started his career in the U.S. Air Force working as an electronic intelligence analyst for the National Security Agency (NSA).  He had the opportunity to work in several countries during that time.  He left the Agency after 14 years to become an instructor at the National Intelligence School in Washington, DC.  For the next 26 years, he worked in the aerospace and process       control industries in metrology and calibration fields.  Tom attended the University of Utah where       he worked towards degrees in electrical engineering and fine art.  In 2004, he, with two       partners, established Calibration Solutions, Inc., an ISO/IEC 17025, NCSL Z540 accredited       calibration laboratory.  He joined the Salt Lake Community College staff as an adjunct instructor       in 2011.