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How does this program differ from other programs?
The program is unique in Utah. No other programs exist in the state that allows students to earn a degree at the Associates level that is focused exclusively on Biotechnology. Our partners at Utah Valley University (UVU) offer a 4-year completion that builds directly off the SLCC's Biotechnology degree. In addition, most Biotechnology courses are offered in the evenings to accommodate working students.
The Biotech degree at SLCC is unique in the extent to which it offers hands on instruction in research methods. Students in the program have unparalleled opportunities for work on independent research projects and self study.
What are the credentials of the faculty & staff?
All faculty and many of the departmental staff have Ph.D or Master's degrees and come with direct experience in industry or academic research laboratories. Faculty and staff work closely in small groups with students to help them Step Ahead in their educational and career goals.
How long will it take to complete the program?
Students opting for an Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS) will be able to complete the program in 4 semesters of full-time study.
Students wishing to transfer to the Utah Valley University (UVU) Bachelor's of Science degree in Biotechnology should opt for the Associate of Science degree. Students opting for this degree will be able to earn their degree in 4 semesters of full-time study and then transfer to UVU to complete their bachelor's degree in an additional 4 semesters with UVU. A unique aspect to the partnership with UVU is that students can complete their bachelor's degree by attending upper division classes offered at SLCC. UVU faculty teaches these courses on the SLCC Jordan campus eliminating the need for students to commute to the UVU campus in Orem, UT. As for the Associates degree coursework, all Biotechnology courses offered by UVU on the SLCC campus are taught in the evenings to accommodate working.
More information.
Award**Credit HoursSemesters (full-time)
Biotech AS 60 4
Biotech AAS 64 4
How much will the program cost?
Regular Tuition SLCC's tuition schedule
Books $300 - $700* * Cost range is for entire length of program, dependent on courses taken.
Lab Fee $25
Is this program for me?
Working in a scientific field is a rewarding activity that is mentally challenging. Those wishing to make a career of this work should be adequately prepared. Preparation should include course work at the high school level or work experience that includes the following:
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Algebra
  • Advanced reading
National surveys of life science companies have revealed that the following traits, characteristics, and behaviors are highly desirable for success in life science jobs:
  • ability to follow directions
  • ability to take constructive criticism
  • ability to handle stress
  • accountability
  • attention to detail
  • "big picture" perspective
  • consistency/appreciation for structure
  • dependability
  • good judgment
  • hard working
  • integrity
  • mechanical aptitude
  • motivated/takes initiative
  • organized
  • positive attitude
  • preciseness/meticulousness
  • problem-solving ability
  • professional/respectful
  • resourcefulness
  • sense of humor
  • self-critical
  • team player
Where will I be able to work & how much can I make?
There are many career opportunities in biotechnology, which continues to grow with the industry. A Biotechnology degree may lead to employment in a variety of areas including:
  • medicine
  • agriculture
  • forensics
  • medical devices
  • environmental science
Entry-level salaries with an Associate's degree range from $24,000-$35,000. The Associates degree is an excellent platform for continuing study that can lead to bachelor's, professional, and graduate level degree programs. The typical pay for these jobs start in the range of $10-14 per hour + benefits, depending on the course of study, the level of education completed and the industry sector chosen.
What are the facilities & equipment like?
The facilities on the Jordan campus are second to none. The laboratory environment is designed to function as an industry standard research facility. Equipment includes high end analytical instrumentation such as HPLC, FPLC, DNA sequencers, real-time PCR, robotics, cell culture facility, and more.
What Biotechnology companies are there in Utah?
This list is intended to be representative of the companies in Utah life sciences industry. This list is representative only, if your company is not listed and would like it to be, please email
  • Aciont
  • Activatek
  • AlloCure
  • Amedica
  • American Biotech Labs
  • Amirsys
  • Aribex
  • Arup Laboratories
  • Axial Biotech
  • Bard Access Systems
  • BC Technical
  • BD Medical
  • BioMeridian
  • BioMicro Systems
  • Boston Scientific
  • BSD Medical Corporation
  • Bunnel
  • CardioRisk Laboratories
  • Catheter
  • Connections
  • Cephalon
  • Ceramatec
  • Chemtech-Ford
  • Coherex Medical
  • Control Medical
  • DataChem Laboratories
  • Diamicron Corporation
  • Dynatronics
  • Edwards Lifesciences
  • Frost Biologic
  • Glycomira
  • Glycosan Biosystems
  • Grant Life Sciences
  • Great Basin Scientific
  • Healthways
  • Holorad
  • Idaho Technology
  • Inflabloc Pharmaceuticals
  • inthinc
  • Invectus Biomedical
  • Intermountain Biomedical Association
  • Juneau Biosciences
  • Larada Sciences
  • Lifetree Clinical
  • LineaGen
  • Lipocine
  • LSK BioPartners
  • Maxtec
  • Medsource
  • Megadyne Medical Products
  • Merck & Co., Inc.
  • Merit Medical
  • MIPSolutions
  • Myriad Genetics
  • Nanopartz
  • Nelson Laboratories
  • NeuroTraq
  • NovaRad Corporation
  • Numira Biosciences
  • OmniLytics
  • Paradigm Medical
  • Pfizer
Where will classes be held?
The Biotechnology Program is located in the Jordan Applied Technology Center and in the Health Sciences Building on the SLCC Jordan Campus.

Salt Lake Community College

4600 South Redwood Road
Salt Lake City, UT 84123
801-957-SLCC (7522)

Student Services hours: M-Th: 7 am - 7 pm; Fr 7 am - 4:30 pm
Enrollment Info: 801-957-4073

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