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Emotional Epicenters

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Current brain science has demonstrated thoughts connected to emotions drive human behavior, while thoughts disconnected from emotions lack such power. The term "Emotional Epicenter" simply means the key emotional issue driving the behavior of a particular target audience.


Following are the Emotional Epicenters for both traditional and non-traditional students, described from their perspectives:

Traditional Student
I have high hopes for my future even though I'm not exactly sure yet what that future is—I'm still exploring possibilities. I feel like I should go to college, but I like my life right now and don't really want a big change and don't think I could afford one either. I'm somewhat aware of certain advantages of Salt Lake Community College and I'd consider going there, but I don't want my friends and family to think less of me or that I "settled" for a school that might not offer the same quality of education and is less prestigious. I want them to think I'm doing the right thing and I don't want to have to constantly defend my choice of colleges.

Non-Traditional Student
It's frustrating when I think how my future opportunities are limited because of my level of education, and I feel a need to do something about it. I now recognize that getting an education is important and that it'll help me feel positive about myself, help to change my life, and bring greater financial security for me and my family. But I'm overwhelmed and a bit frightened by the idea of going back to school, and it'll be difficult to fit education into my life with all the other demands for my time and money.