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The Social Media Icons

SLCC Departments, Divisions, Programs and/or Events that create Facebook, Twitter, blog or other social media accounts are required to use the SLCC logo and branding.  

Please remember that reference to SLCC in social media platforms impacts the College brand and reputation. Although these platforms are "social" media and not "professional" media, it is still very important to use the correct College logos, illustrations, and approved colors on social media sites relating to the College.

To ensure a unified presence online, individual departments that plan to develop a social media presence, or already have a presence, should use this Branding Guide or contact the marketing department for assistance with branding.  

SLCC reserves the right to monitor Salt Lake Community College-affiliated sites and make requests upon faculty, employees, and students, should questionable content be displayed on a site that the College name or logo appear. If you have questions regarding the use of the College name, or logo, please contact the marketing department at 801-957-4000.

The images below should be used on all SLCC Web pages when referencing social media.

Social Media hyperlinks and icons should be placed below the main content of a Web page.

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