Lee Martínez - FAQs

Thank you for contacting Lee Martínez, Academic Advisor for the School of Business at Salt Lake Community College. You are also welcome to visit Academic Advising website for additional information. Thank you for your interest in your community's college.

In the meantime, this automatic response provides information that answers most questions I receive. If you need immediate assistance, please refer to the General Advisors.

  1. APPOINTMENTS: Students schedule their own appointments online. My Office is located in the School of Business, 2nd floor. Unscheduled walk-ins will only be permitted if time allows but preference will be given to those students with appointments. PHOTO ID WILL BE REQUIRED.
  2. NEW STUDENT ADVISING: New students can easily be served by any general advisor for your first or second semester scheduling. I generally see advanced students or those with complicated issues, or preparing to graduate and transfer.
  3. ONLINE, EMAIL OR PHONE ADVISING: I can provide brief, general answers to many general questions via email or phone. Longer or complicated answers require a meeting. If you are requesting advising via email, please email me your questions via your BruinMail account, otherwise, you will need to submit a Release of Information for email and telephone advising. For Telephone Advising, it's always best to schedule a regular appointment and send me an email notifying me our meeting is to be an email or phone meeting. Otherwise, the Release of Information which will inform me this is intended to be a Telephone Advising session. I will call you as close to the appointed time as possible.
  4. PHONE CALLS: I consistently receive a large number of phone calls, even more during rush. Phone messages or emails asking for an appointment or advising by phone won't be returned.
  5. SUBSTITUTIONS OR WAIVERS - SLCC's procedure for Substitutions and Waivers is called Curriculum Exceptions. Students can access the Curriculum Exception Appeal online via their MySLCC account under the Academic & Records, Academic Planning, then to Curriculum Exceptions. That will take you to a separate page. Choose between Substitution or Waivers. Fill in the appropriate information and explain the reasoning in the comment box. If you need assistance, any advisor can assist you with this.
  6. MAXIMUM TIME FRAME AUDIT - If you need a Maximum Time Frame Audit completed, please send me an email with your name, S#, Major, Return Phone Number. If it's a relatively easy one, I will complete and submit it with a copy to you. If it's one requiring a meeting, I will let you know to make an appointment.
  7. SLCC PROMISE – These requests for a complete schedule for the SLCC Promise require some time. Please schedule an appointment for these. In a few cases, if you are almost completed with your program of studies, you can send me an email requesting me to check. I can easily determine whether I can complete the SLCC Promise plan without an appointment, of if you do need to make an appointment to come in.

I hope this helps.

Lee Martinez
Academic Advisor - Business School programs
Salt Lake Community College
4600 South Redwood Road, BB 214 E
Salt Lake City, Utah 84130-0808
Phone: 801-957-4323
Email: Lee.Martinez@slcc.edu

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