Cabinet Making and Furniture Construction

Frequently Asked Questions

Students will:

  • learn math skills related to the construction and cabinetmaking discipline.
  • learn kitchen and bath design principles and how to apply them using computer software.
  • gain an introductory knowledge in the use of CNC technology and be able to successfully complete basic projects.
  • gain a competent knowledge in joinery, materials, techniques and wood characteristics.
  • learn principles of wood finishing including the use of green and sustainable wood finishes.

The methods used for applications and styles of furniture are included in the instruction. 

You will also receive knowledge of:

  • safe and proper use of hand and power tools
  • project design and hardware selection
  • cut-listing, cut-out, assembly and finish techniques
  • advanced cabinet design
  • estimating and ordering of materials
  • production methods
  • supervisory training
  • shop management
  • quality finishing techniques

Certificate of Completion: 2 semesters (one year) Minimum 31 credits required

Tuition and Fees: $1,585 per semester (based on the SLCC resident tuition schedule)

Books and Supplies: $500

Personal Tools and Equipment: $100-$300

Personal project: $700-$1,000 (depending on choice of woodworking project)

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