Center for Arts and Media

Past Open House

On November 8, 2013 the opening of the Center for Arts and Media  was held at
South City Campus 1575 S. State Street, Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake Community College announced the completion and opening celebration of The Center for Arts and Media at the College’s South City campus (1575 South State Street). The Open House included the President’s Art Show and documentary screening, as well as a tour of this state-of-the-industry collaborative and intelligent space.

The Center for Arts and Media is home to programs, learning spaces, advanced technology design labs, public galleries and exhibit space for the College’s School of Arts, Communication and New Media programs, which include: Visual Art and Design, Communication, Performing Arts, and the Design Institute.


Multipurpose Room

The President’s Art Show is a juried exhibition sponsored by Salt Lake Community College.
Entries are open to all Utah artists. A wide range of professional and amateur artists will be represented from across the state featuring a variety of mediums. 

Art Show Winners:

See the Art Work (PDF 2.5 MB)

President’s Award - $1,000 - Benjamin Higbee – “Particle Swarm”

Best In Show - $1,000 – Ryan Kowalchik – “Patriarchy Intersecting with Ecosystem”

2nd Place - $500 - Brendan Clary – “Rachelle”

3rd Place - $500 - Matt Monson – “Mt.Moon/Sun”

D O C U M E N T A R Y   S C R E E N I N G

Out of Nowhere

This is the story of Dut Bior, a Salt Lake Community College alumnus whose childhood in a Kenyan refugee camp and education in the United States led him to create S.O.A.P. (Student Orphan Aid Program) International, a non-profit organization that supports students through education who are still in the refugee camps of Africa.

Out of Nowhere follows Dut’s travels to Uganda and Kenya in 2012 to meet his brother for the first time and be reunited with his mother after 20 years apart. This is a story about the power of education and the hopeful desire of one man using his experience to connect and replenish his dreams, his family, his friends and his country.


Bill Srickland

Bill Strickland is the President and CEO of Manchester Bidwell Corporation and its subsidiaries, Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild (MCG), and Bidwell Training Center (BTC).

Through vehicles such as TED Talks, Strickland is nationally recognized as a visionary leader who authentically delivers educational and cultural opportunities to students and adults within an organizational culture that fosters innovation,
creativity, responsibility and integrity.