Television Production Studio

Shows produced by students specialize in the news (Insight, Express News), sports (End of the Bench), and entertainment (What's Bruin') genres. Students get hands-on experience.

Television Studio CameraThe 2000 square foot stage features:

  • Eighteen foot high lighting grid with scissor lift
  • Six motorized hoists for storage of scenic units
  • Programmable ETC Element lighting control surface
  • Variety of Arri, Kinoflo, and Lowell lighting instruments from 150 to 5000 watts
  • Edison and stage pin power connectors
  • Company power distribution
  • Green and blue chroma key curtains
  • Black and grey curtains
  • Three Sony TV studio cameras on pedestals (not ENG cameras on tripods) that will allow full HD live video production
  • Studio in/out connection to Sound Recording Studio, Film Sound Stage, Multi Purpose Room, Edit Bays, and Screening Room
  • Super Smooth studio floor

Television Studio Control RoomTelevision Control Room

  • Completely sound isolated from the stagewith room for up to 20 students as operators and observers
  • Features a separate audio control room with stereo monitoring
  • Ross Vision Switcher
  • Ross Expression CG integrated graphics package
  • Autoscript Teleprompter system
  • Avid Pro Tools 7.1 system with surround sound speakers
  • 24 Analog 48 Digital channel audio mixer
  • 16 wired microphone/audio inputs
  • Three wireless Sennheiser mic systems
  • Talent IFB
  • Solid State tapeless signal recording
  • Connection to college-wide Isolon server for media sharing, storage and playback

Instruction in the Television Production Studio

  • Shoot on locations on campus and around the valley with state-of-the-art high-definition cameras
  • Edit using the latest computer systems, editing programs and technologies
  • Broadcast through cable and web distribution sources

Radio Station

Radio StationRadio SLCC, Salt Lake Community College's internet radio station, provides students interested in audio and radio production with dozens of exciting opportunities to learn about the trade. Our Radio Studio features:

  • Separate Live Studio and Production rooms
  • 2 IP-12 Digital Radio Consules
  • RCS Zetta sound software
  • 6 Wheatnet Digital I/O Blades

Radio students get to participate in a wide range of activities which utilize vital skills in the industry. Students produce all forms of live and recorded programming, including: music requests, variety talk shows, remotes from SLCC campus events, news updates, acoustic performances, commercial spots and public service announcements (PSAs), and numerous SLCC Athletics games.

Tune into Radio SLCC to listen live.