Our Film Stage

Film Stage Studio
  • 3000 square feet, and is a small version of sound stages found at major studios
  • Excellent sound isolation and very good acoustics for film production
  • Two 400 amp company boxes that will allow students to learn about power distribution for film
  • About 30 dimmers of 20 to 50 amps each to support set lighting

Instruction on the Film Stage

The stage has both catwalks and a built-in rigging system of hand operated, 1 ton chain hoists that will allow the construction of pipe grids for set lighting. Proper rigging techniques can also be taught as students can observe from the catwalks as riggers install "pick points" on the steel structure as they do in large concert venues.

  • Directing for FilmFilm Studio Equipment
  • Camera operation
  • Dolly operation – tracked and un-tracked
  • Crane/jib operation
  • Lighting – Ground supported
  • Overhead rigging for film (Green-bed catwalks)
  • Lighting – Overhead supported
  • Electrical distribution and cabling practices
  • On set sound acquisition
  • Camera video feed and distribution wired/wireless
  • Set construction for film
  • Scenic painting for film
  • Set management/crew operations
  • Scheduling and time management

Instruction in Audio Production on the Film Stage

  • Sound system setup
  • Overhead rigging speaker systems
  • Sound system gain staging and calibration for live sound systems
  • Time delay setup for live sound system delay speakers
  • Stage monitor setup and mixing
  • Live sound house mixing

Performance Skills taught on the Film Stage

  • Performance in a live sound 'concert' environment
  • Live performance lighting design and electrical distribution
  • Live performance lighting and set rigging
  • Live performance lighting control operation
  • Advanced 'intelligent' multi-channel lighting fixture operation