Internships prepare students for career success. Internships are typically a one-time occupational experience related the student's major or career goal. The intern generally gains experience in a professional setting under the supervision of a practicing professional. Interns can be paid or unpaid. The student may or may not receive academic credit.

Why students should complete an internship:

  • Gain valuable work experience
  • Explore occupations
  • Determine if the career they are seeking is the right path for them
  • Develop skills pertinent to their chosen occupation
  • Get a foot in the door with their dream company
  • Expand industry contacts
  • Secure references and recommendations for future job opportunities
  • Increase their competitive edge when applying for future employment
  • 72.7% of interns are offered a position
  • 85.2% of interns accept the offer

Students who complete an internship are more likely to:

  • Find full-time employment upon graduation
  • Increase their opportunities for employment in their area of study, even prior to graduation
  • Indentify additional training and competencies to land that great job
  • Build relationships with potential employers
  • Feel motivated about their college education
  • Improve their chances for success during their first year of employment

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