Co-op Information for Supervisors

Thank you for your willingness to support your employee or intern in participating in the Cooperative Education/Internship course. You are giving your employee/intern the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge relevant to their academic major and career goals.

If you are a for-profit organization offering unpaid internships, you are required to follow the Department of Labor requirements for unpaid internships. 

Employment/Internship Supervisors agree to:

  • Support the student in using this experience as an educational tool.
  • Take an active role in developing specific learning objectives with the student.
    • Learning objectives must be specific to the students’ area of study.
    • Once developed, the objectives are turned in to the faculty for final approval.
  • Participate, supervise and evaluate the learning experience that justifies awarding academic credit to this student.
  • Assess and grade how well the student has completed their objectives and how well they have performed in other basic work areas. Your evaluation will be used by the course faculty to determine the final grade for the student’s Cooperative Education Internship course.
  • Complete the final course evaluation form with the student.
  • Contact the faculty if there are any issues or concerns regarding the Cooperative Education/Internship student.

The success of the Cooperative Education / Internship course depends on good communication and documentation by all involved. The student is the common link between the Cooperative Education/Internship Supervisor and Faculty, and is required to maintain contact with both throughout the semester.

For more information, download the document below: