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Cashier Services


Consent to Release Information
Signing this form gives cashiers permission to release the student's information over the phone or to a third party.

Change Fund Accountability Forms
Department form used to verify funds.

Credit Card by Dropbox, Mail, Telephone, Other Payee
Fill form out completely and sign.  Payment will not be processed without your

Direct Deposit
Salt Lake Community College is offering direct deposit for student refund checks.  Instead of waiting for a  check to arrive in the mail, we encourage you to sign up for direct deposit.  Checks will not be held at the  Redwood Campus.  

Late Fee Appeal Form
$50 Late fee appeal is reviewed, granted or denied by Cashier Services
$15 Late Fee appeal is reviewed, granted or denied by Accounts Receivables.               

Semester Tuition Installment Loan(STIL)
The Semester Tuition Installment Loan (STIL) is a way to pay tuition costs throughout the semester.  It is an alternative to a single payment.  There is a $30 non-refundable fee. 

Stop Payment Request Form
Your check was mailed two weeks prior but has not yet been received.   

Financial Aid Title IV 2015-2016
Federal Aid authorization for fee paymnts of non-institutional charges.
Tuition Exemption/Waiver and Instructions 
The Division Chair or Department Supervisor verifies eligibility and signs the Exemption/Waiver authorization. The Human Resources Benefits Manager verifies part-time staff  eligibility and signs the Exemption/Waiver form.  Employees should follow scheduled payment deadlines to avoid late fees and penalties.   

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