SLCC General Catalog


The complete 2015-2016 General Catalog is now available at


2014-2015 General Catalog

SLCC offers its catalog online. The catalog provides detailed descriptions of SLCC’s academic policies and procedures, academic program information, course content, tuition, graduation requirements and more.

The catalog applies to students entering or returning to SLCC in the 2014-2015 academic year and students whose catalog year is 2014-2015.

This catalog provides information; it does not constitute a contract between any student and the College. Please read the Catalog disclaimer (PDF) for more information.

Catalog Archive

Continuing students can use the Catalog issued in the academic year the student began study at SLCC. Previous catalogs are available in the catalog archive.  

2013-2014 catalog

2014-2015 SLCC General Catalog

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