2017 Legislative Champion

H. Roger Boyer

Greg Hughes

Greg Hughes represents Draper in District 51 and currently serves as Speaker of the House. He and his wife, Krista, are the parents of three children. He grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, moved to Utah to work on a political campaign and ended up staying, attending Utah Valley State College and BYU. Hughes is a small business owner in the real estate development and property management sector.

During his time in the Utah State Legislature, Speaker Hughes has supported state spending limitations, a flatter state tax, truth in bonding legislation and other tax and spending reforms. He has worked extensively on issues that would help attract business and increase job availability for the citizens of Utah through tax reforms and incentives.

Hughes has worked on a number of bills to show his support for the military and veterans, including sponsoring a Purple Heart tuition waiver for injured vets. He participated in the negotiations that allowed Utah to maximize federal money in a unique way, leading the state to be able to build three desperately needed new veterans nursing homes.

Outside of his legislative service, Hughes is active in the community and has served in positions on the boards of Summit Academy Charter School, United Way of Salt Lake and Lone Peak Hospital.