Teaching Excellence

jude higgins

Jude Higgins

Tenured Professor

Jude Higgins strives to serve exceptional students equally with those who do not know the first thing about navigating and succeeding in an academic environment. “We don't just teach to the top 3 percent of the class and we don't teach only to those students at the bottom,” Higgins says. “We consistently find the sweet spot. We connect with all students, challenge them and help them succeed.”

Her classes examine similarities and differences in cultural practices regarding a wide range of topics that include politics, marriage, gender, sexuality and religion. She teaches students qualitative and ethnographic methodology, instructing them on how to openly talk and listen to people who are different from them. Former student Candice Brown said of taking Higgins’ class, “I learned that my opinion is not the only one to be respected. When you quiet your judgments, that is when you can listen to others genuinely, for who they are, not for who you think they should be. I am leaving this class a better person. I am leaving with lessons I will never forget.”

Higgins has served on the national board for the Research on Women and Education Special Interest Group of the American Educational Research Association, as a faculty leader for the College’s Alternative Spring Break program that takes students to a Hopi Indian Reservation and facilitated bringing Center for Authentic Leadership and Mindfulness retreats to SLCC.

jude higgins

Heather Schumacker

Assistant Professor
Economics and Finance

Education is a passion for Heather Schumacker in every aspect of her life. “I try to light a fire within everyone around me by using my skills as a motivator, lecturer, facilitator and professor of economics and finance,” she says. Former economics student Matee Tanner said of her professor, “It is not often you meet a teacher like Heather Schumacker. She is an amazing person and teacher who inspires, motivates and encourages her students. She understands the hardship of life and never allows you to view any of life’s challenges as a step back but rather an opportunity to grow.”

Schumacker’s development as an individual and teacher is spurred by collaboration with colleagues at SLCC and across the country. Her teaching is strongly grounded in high-impact practices and active-learning methods that can be seen in the wide variety of curriculum activities she has developed and utilized in the classroom. Her effectiveness and appreciation can be seen in her students’ amazing work and by reflections and comments in their reviews.

Schumacker has served the SLCC Faculty Senate; Academic Calendar Committee; Constitutional Review, Apportionment, and Organization (CRAO) senate committee; Faculty Senate Leadership Team and the SLCC School of Business in a variety of capacities.