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Concurrent Enrollment

CE Liaison Projects

Any work a liaison performs, additional to the regular site visit with a peer evaluation, must be documented using the CE Liaison Project form in MyCE. A CE Liaison Project is a project related to concurrent enrollment that the Concurrent Enrollment Office or the liaison and academic department feels is necessary in order to ensure the quality and integrity of the course. Projects may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Professional Development Preparation: This includes professional development training developed by and that will be provided by the liaison for the concurrent enrollment adjunct teachers. If the liaison is providing professional development for SLCC adjuncts and invites concurrent enrollment adjuncts to attend, this work will be paid by and should be coordinated through the SLCC academic department.
  • Professional Development Delivery: This covers time the liaison spends actually delivering the professional development to the CE adjunct teachers whether as a group or individually. Liaisons are required to take roll (for group professional development) and submit that roll to the concurrent enrollment department through MyCE. For all Professional Development Delivery projects liaisons must also upload a copy of the agenda or outline in the MyCE Professional Development form. 
  • New Teacher Professional Development Visit: When a new concurrent enrollment adjunct teacher begins teaching for SLCC it can be helpful for the liaison to visit that teacher before the school year begins to provide specialized training on that particular course so that the instructor is up to speed on curriculum and departmental requirement for that particular course.
  • Mentoring Visit: The liaison meets one on one with the adjunct teacher during a teachers prep/consultation period, or before or after school to discuss the adjunct teacher's performance, critical updates to the curriculum or other time sensitive matters, provide feedback, or other reasons that are relevant assuring the quality of the course that require an in-person consultation. The liaison makes notes on the Liaison Project form regarding the nature and outcome of the visit.
  • New Course Proposal Visit: When an academic department receives a new course proposal it may be necessary for the liaison to visit the high school before approval is granted to inspect the facilities and make sure that they meet department standards when specialized equipment or facilities are needed to teach the course. 

CE Liaison Projects must be pre-approved by the SLCC home department administrator and the concurrent enrollment director before a liaison begins the project. CE Liaison Projects are compensated at the rate of $40/hour with liaisons tracking prep time, activity time, and follow-up time. A time estimate must be submitted at the time of pre-approval.

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