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Concurrent Enrollment

Liaison Responsibilities

Site Visits

A site visit takes place in the CE high school adjunct teacher’s school building on a regular secondary school day. The visit is defined as the time spent in the secondary school building performing a CE Adjunct Teacher Peer Evaluation or completing certain liaison projects.

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Before high school starts, CE high school adjunct teachers will submit the course syllabus to the liaison for their review and approval. A syllabus is submitted for each course, each year. The liaison in turn reviews the syllabus and, if approved, notifies the high school adjunct teacher of the approval via MyCE.

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Additional Liaison Work

Any additional work a liaison performs additional to the regular site visit must be documented using the CE Liaison Project form in MyCE. A CE Liaison Project is a project related to concurrent enrollment that the Concurrent Enrollment Office or the liaison and academic department feels is necessary in order to monitor and support the concurrent enrollment adjunct teachers.

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Professional Development

Salt Lake Community College and National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) standards require concurrent enrollment high school adjunct teachers to attend two hours of discipline specific professional development training delivered by or approved by their assigned liaison each year.

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Resolving Quality Concerns

Concurrent enrollment courses may be discontinued for reasons such as curriculum changes within SLCC courses or programs, changes in credential requirements for high school adjunct faculty, and concerns over the quality of instruction or college-level rigor in the concurrent enrollment classes.

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