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Concurrent Enrollment

Faculty Liaison Overview

Thank you for your willingness to serve Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) as a concurrent enrollment (CE) liaison. The SLCC Concurrent Enrollment Program expects and maintains a high level of professionalism and quality and expects CE courses in the high schools to maintain the same level of academic rigor, classroom behavior, and curriculum standards as their on-campus counterparts.

Faculty Liaison Overview

Faculty liaisons are responsible to provide the information, resources, and support high school teachers need to effectively deliver a college experience in the high school classroom and teach their classes to the college standard. Liaisons are advocates for both the CE high school adjunct teacher and the sponsoring SLCC academic department. They serve high school adjunct teachers by providing curriculum information, performing peer evaluations, reviewing instructional materials, and offer discipline specific professional development training. 


Liaisons must meet the following criteria:

  • They must be full or part-time SLCC faculty or staff;
  • They must have appropriate academic credentials to serve as an instructor in the academic program of the course evaluated;
  • They must have thorough knowledge of the SLCC program’s curriculum, teaching methods, and academic standards.

Things You Should Know About High Schools

High School Schedules

High school schedules are very different from college schedules and vary from school to school. Classes will often be cut short for assemblies and other activities. Some schools have A days and B days, others Red and White days, others distinguish days by period number, etc. So when an adjunct teacher says his/her concurrent enrollment class is held on A days, or Red days, or period 6, it is important to contact the adjunct teacher beforehand to make sure it is not an assembly day or a day on which school is dismissed early. Sometimes even teachers have a hard time keeping track of these extra high school events, so it is a good idea to double check.

Prep or Consultation Periods

Most high school teachers have two or more “prep” or “consultation” periods per week during which they can plan lessons, grade, research, or work on other projects. These prep periods are an excellent time, if visits are scheduled in advanced, to meet one–on-one with high school adjunct teachers without distractions.

Visiting High Schools

It is important when you visit a high school to check in at the main office, where you will be asked to sign in. Some high schools require a visitor’s pass, which you can pick up at the main office. Most high schools have visitor parking. If the visitor parking is full you can park in student or faculty parking, but be sure to mention this at the main office so that you are not ticketed.

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