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Concurrent Enrollment

Step 1: Decide

Over the years the drive for concurrent enrollment has been to "save time, save money". The reality is that depending on a school's and a student's approach concurrent enrollment can actually cost a student more money and more time than it actually saved them. Concurrent enrollment is most beneficial when used as a tool for preparing students to be successful in college after high school AND when high schools and students select courses that are most beneficial to students given their areas of interest and academic goals. It is best to start with a diverse offering of general education courses. If you then find there are predominant areas of interest among your students you can use the concurrent enrollment course offerings list to consider other classes that might be of value to those.

Before setting up a concurrent enrollment program in your district or at your school, we would invite you to carefully consider the following:

  1. Does my purpose for setting up a concurrent enrollment program mirror the mission of SLCC and the purpose of the SLCC Concurrent Enrollment Program?
  2. Do I have faculty who would qualify to teach concurrent enrollment classes or am I willing to hire qualified faculty? See Course Offerings for faculty qualifications.
  3. Do I know and understand the limitations of the supplemental concurrent enrollment programs listed below?
  4. Am I willing to invest the personnel resources necessary to manage the program at my high school? See Step 3.

Once you are ready to start moving on building your program, and have finished reviewing steps 2-6, we would love to hear from you so that we can schedule a time to meet and discuss the details of building your program.

Types of Concurrent Enrollment Programs

Concurrent Enrollment (CE) is available to both public and private high schools in various forms.

Traditional Concurrent Enrollment

The majority of SLCC CE classes are offered via the traditional model. In the traditional model of concurrent enrollment high schools and high school faculty select a course they are interested in teaching, submit a new course proposal for SLCC academic departments to review a teacher's credentials, and if approved, the high school teacher then delivers the SLCC college curriculum at their high school and students earn college credit for that class. 


The purpose of the “Concurrent at SLCC” program is to give students a truly authentic college experience in order to better help them transition to college after high school. Through the CE@SLCC program students are able to experience a few key things that the traditional program is unable to provide:

  1. The ability to share the classroom and learning experience with a more diverse population and to experience a true college classroom environment.
  2. The opportunity to become familiar and comfortable with navigating a college campus.
  3. The opportunity to experience for themselves a college culture.

The CE@SLCC program allows high school students counted in the average daily membership of a SLCC partner high school to take classes from SLCC faculty on an SLCC campus. This program is available on a first come, first served basis and is limited to a selection of courses on the CE Course Offerings list. 

For more information on CE@SLCC visit CE@SLCC .

Early Enrollment

The Early Enrollment (EE) program allows eligible high school juniors and seniors to register for any class offered at SLCC at the cost of paying full SLCC tuition and fees. Students pursuing the associate degree in high school are required to take some of their coursework through the EE program. Some early college high schools have developed a model, in partnership with SLCC, to pay the tuition for their students so that they can participate in the EE program.

For more information on the Early Enrollment program, including how to apply and what documentation is required, visit the Early Enrollment website. If you are a high school who is interested in paying your students’ tuition and fees, contact the SLCC concurrent enrollment director for more information on how to set that up.

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