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Concurrent Enrollment

Academic Planning Video Training

Prior to working with an advisor to finalize the first draft of your academic plan you need to complete both the video training below AND to the best of your ability the degree planning sheet, which you will be able to download as you watch the first video below. Once you've completed the form you will then email it, using the email form associated with the last video, to our advisor. The advisor will then work with you via email to finalize the first draft of your degree plan.

Academic Planning Part 1 - Before You Begin

What you need to have with you before you begin watching these academic planning videos.

Link to Video (Duration 1:41)

Academic Planning Part 2 - Ways to Earn College Credit

An overview of AP, Concurrent Enrollment, CE@SLCC, and Early Enrollment and how each of these fits into earning a college degree, as well as the different types of degrees you can earn.

Link to Video (Duration 9:50)

Academic Planning Part 3 - Degree Mapping

A detailed walk through the process of how to map out your one year certificate of completion or associates degree.

Link to Video (Duration 17:43)

Academic Planning Part 4 - Scholarship Opportunities

Everything you need to know to find a great scholarship to help you pay for college.

Link to Video (Duration 15:07)

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