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Concurrent Enrollment


Beginning Fall 2018 the option to be added to the waitlist for a class will end at 11:59 PM the night before the first day of the term. At that point students who are on the wait list will dropped from the list. From the first day of class until the add period ends open seats are available on a first come first serve basis. Students should not attend a class unless they are registered in the class.

What is CE@SLCC?

The CE@SLCC program offers high schools students from participating high schools, the opportunity to take on-campus concurrent courses between the hours of 7:00am to 5:00pm on any physical SLCC campus. CE@SLCC courses are college courses, taught by college instructors. High school students share these classes with regular adult college students. Participating high school concurrent enrollment students receive both college and high school credit for the courses offered through CE@SLCC.

Who is Eligible?

  • Student must counted in the Average Daily Membership of a participating high school (a participating high school is a school that has a contract with SLCC to offer concurrent enrollment).
  • Student must have completed a concurrent enrollment admissions application, paid the one-time $40 fee, and received their SLCC student ID (S Number).
  • Student must have qualifying Accuplacer or ACT scores on file for certain courses.
  • Student must have a 3.0 or higher cumulative GPA.
  • Students must be a Junior or Senior. No Sophomore appeals are allowed.

What is the Cost?

  • $5.00 per credit hour

What Should You Know Before Registering?

Students participating in on-campus concurrent enrollment (CE@SLCC) must meet the course and class status pre-requisites listed on the CE Course Offerings page, as well as meet any high school pre-requisites outlined by the high school. Students are limited to 2 CE@SLCC classes per semester, unless the 3+ CE@SLCC form has been completed and submitted to the CE Office. Additionally, students who sign up for on-campus classes will need to follow the college’s academic calendar for all registration, drop, and withdrawal deadlines.

A schedule of available courses will be posted at the bottom of this page a week or so before continuing student registration opens.

Only the courses listed on the CE@SLCC schedule are available for the reduced tuition of $5.00/credit.  Students who have signed up for Early Enrollment and choose to take courses not listed on the CE@SLCC schedule will be required to pay regular SLCC tuition. 

SLCC Concurrent Enrollment strongly encourages students and their parents/guardians to involve the high school counselor in selecting their courses. We suggest that students take no more than 4 college courses per semester, this includes Advanced Placement (AP), concurrent enrollment at the high school and CE@SLCC courses.

In preparation for taking CE@SLCC please complete the steps below.

  1. Apply for Admission
  2. Set Up Your SLCC MySLCC Account

Concurrent enrollment students will use the same process for registering for CE@SLCC classes as regular adult college students. This means students who have accumulated more college credit will be allowed to register first. To see a list of Spring and Fall semester registration windows for students who have earned anywhere from 0 to 45+ credits visit the SLCC academic calendar at

Each course will have limited seats available, once the seats are full students are welcome to put themselves on a waiting list when they attempt to register. Please note that if you put your name on a waiting list you will be notified via your Bruinmail email if a seat becomes available. If a student has email forwarding set up through their Bruinmail account please note that notifications for waiting lists WILL NOT FORWARD from your Bruinmail email. Students will need to make sure to check their Bruinmail email several times a day to see if a seat opens up. Once a student is notified through email that a seat has opened up, that student will have 24 hours to register. If they do not register themselves during that period they will have to put themselves back on the waiting list and will be placed at the end of the line.

How Do I Register?


  1. Interested students will work with their high school counselor and CE coordinator to determine which classes they are eligible to participate in through CE@SLCC.
  2. The high school coordinator or secretary will complete an electronic course request form for the student. Students requesting more than 2 classes will  need to meet with the SLCC CE academic advisor and submit the signed 3+ CE@SLCC form to the CE office before approval will be granted.
  3. Once the form is received by the CE Office, the CE Specialist will grant the student access to self-register for the classes he or she has requested, provided the request is in alignment with CE@SLCC and CE policies.
  4. After 48 hours of submitting the course request form(s), the student will be able to self-register for the class(es) if seats are available.
  5. The CE office will send the high school a report of their student’s performance at the end of each semester.


For instructions on how to register visit our MySLCC Course Registration Tutorial  on our MySLCC Tutorials Page.

For instructions on how to see how may credits you have earned visit our MySLCC Tutorial on How to View Your Grades.

To understand how to use the class schedule below you can download our CE@SLCC class schedule guide.

Fall 2018 CE@SLCC Class Schedule

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