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Concurrent Enrollment

Non-Compliance Policy

Concurrent Enrollment high school adjunct teachers are required to use the SLCC-approved course syllabus, textbook, curriculum and assessments, and demonstrate college professionalism in classroom management and rigor. Additionally CE adjunct teachers are required annually to complete the following responsibilities:

  • Provide the CE course syllabus to the CE office with liaison help;
  • Attend at least two hours of discipline specific professional development;
  • Facilitate student course evaluations;
  • Participate in and facilitate liaison visits and peer reviews/evaluations.

If one or more of these requirements are not met annually, then the CE liaison or director will discuss with the adjunct teacher the steps needed to correct the problem and come into compliance. If the steps are not taken to correct the problem within the timeline set forth by the liaison, then the CE adjunct teacher will not be approved to continue to teach CE. For detailed procedures visit section “Resolving Quality Concerns” in the Liaison section of this website.

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