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Concurrent Enrollment

Student Teachers & Substitutes

Student teachers are not allowed to teach CE classes because they have not been approved by the College and in almost all cases do not hold the credentials established by the SLCC academic departments to teach college-level classes. The CE Office recommends that student teachers work with high school teachers who are not teaching concurrent enrollment. However, student teachers may observe CE classes.

Substitute teachers may teach CE classes for a few days if they have adequate curriculum information from the approved teacher. If the approved teacher is unable to teach for more than two (2) weeks, the substitute must be approved by the appropriate SLCC academic department. When a teacher knows that he or she is going to be gone for more than two weeks, that teacher should inform the Concurrent Enrollment Office and his or her SLCC faculty liaison.

If the substitute teacher is not approved or a qualified long-term substitute teacher is not available, the students may not receive CE credit. The high school must notify the students and parents of the circumstances and inform them that CE credit is in question due to circumstances outside of anyone's control. SLCC will work with the high schools as much as possible to find a qualified substitute, or drop the students from the class so that it does not impact their permanent college transcript.

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