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Concurrent Enrollment

CE Adjunct Teacher Policies & Procedures

Welcome to the CE Adjunct Teacher Policies & Procedures. Below you will find a list of pages that include important information for you to know as a concurrent enrollment adjunct teacher. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the SLCC Concurrent Enrollment Office.


Salt Lake Community College uses Canvas by Instructure as its learning management system (LMS). Many SLCC departments utilize the Canvas system to manage course content and materials . . .

More about Canvas

Class Size & Teaching Load

Certain classes have a limit as to how many student can be placed in the class. . . . Concurrent Enrollment Adjunct Teachers are not allowed to teach more than 2 unique courses per semester. . . .

More about Class Size & Teaching Load

Course Proposals

Course Proposals are instructor applications to teach concurrent enrollment classes. Concurrent enrollment adjunct teachers or CE coordinators are required to submit a completed Course Proposal . . .

More about Course Proposals

Curriculum Requirements

High school adjunct teachers are required to teach to and cover the entire SLCC curriculum. . . .

More about Curriculum Requirements

Drops & Withdrawals

Drops from an SLCC class do not show on the SLCC transcript and do not affect a student’s SLCC GPA. . . . Withdrawals show up as a “W” on the SLCC transcript but do not affect SLCC cumulative GPA; however, . . .

More about Drops & Withdrawals


Students taking CE general education classes will be required to set up and maintain an SLCC student ePortfolio. . . .

More about ePortfolios


At the end of each semester or year, and before the deadline, high school adjunct teachers enter final grades using their SLCC MyPage account.

More about Grading

Liaison Visits

Each high school adjunct teacher is assigned a SLCC faculty liaison who will be his or her primary contact with the college regarding curriculum and teaching standards.

More about Liaison Visits


MySLCC is the College’s portal for accessing the tools you will need to submit your final grades and view the list of students registered in your class. . .

More about MySLCC


CE Adjunct Teachers qualify to receive a SLCC OneCard, which gives the faculty member access to different SLCC resources . . .

More about OneCard


CE adjunct teachers are required annually to complete the following responsibilities . . . .

More about Non-Compliance

Professional Development

Salt Lake Community College and National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) standards require CE high school adjunct teachers to attend discipline-specific professional development each year. . .

More about Professional Development

Student Admission & Registration

Before students can be registered in an SLCC concurrent enrollment class, they must first be admitted to the college . . . Once a student has been admitted to SLCC they will then need to register themselves . . .

More about Student Admission & Registration

Student Course Evaluations

To help CE adjunct teachers grow professional and to align ourselves with NACEP accreditation standards, SLCC conducts student course evaluations . . .

More about Student Course Evaluations

Student Teachers & Substitutes

Student teachers are not allowed to teach CE classes because they have not been approved by the College . . . Substitute teachers may teach CE classes for a few days if . . .

More about Student Teachers & Substitutes


High school adjunct teachers are required to hand out a college-approved course syllabus at the beginning of each semester that is in alignment with the equivalent college course syllabus.

More about the Syllabus

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