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Academic Planning

Training on how to plan your associates or one year certificate of completion. Link to Academic Planning

After Graduating From High School

Detailed instructions on how to continue taking classes at SLCC or another school after high school graduation. Link to After High School

Becoming an SLCC Student

An overview of how to become an SLCC Concurrent Enrollment student by completing the admission application. This page also contains a link to the concurrent enrollment admission application. Link to Becoming an SLCC Student


An overview of our Concurrent on Campus program. Link to CE@SLCC

Code of Conduct (Academic Honesty)

SLCC academic honesty standards you are required to follow. Link to Code of Conduct

College Transcripts

How to view and order your college transcripts. Link to College Transcripts

Contact an Advisor

Contact form for the SLCC concurrent enrollment online advisor. Link to Contact an Advisor


An overview of the different costs associated with taking concurrent enrollment classes. Link to Cost

Course Prerequisites

A list and description of the different types of course prerequisites. Link to Course Prerequisites

Credit Limits

The maximum number of credits you are allowed to take as a CE student. Link to Credit Limits

Dropping and Withdrawing

An explanation of dropping, withdrawing, and retaking a class. ;Link to Dropping and Withdrawing

Early Enrollment

An overview of the Early Enrollment program at SLCC. Link to Early Enrollment


Everything you need to know about setting up your ePortfolio for your general education classes. Link to ePortfolio


A list of all concurrent enrollment student forms. Link to Forms

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about concurrent enrollment. Link to Frequently Ask Questions


Understanding, viewing, and changing college grades. Link to Grades

Memorandum of Understanding

The terms and conditions you agree to upon applying for admission with SLCC as a concurrent enrollment student. Link to Memorandum of Understanding


Tutorial index for all of the MyPage tutorials. Link to MyPage

New Student Orientation

A link to the online orientation video that walks you through everything you need to know about taking concurrent enrollment classes. Link to New Student Orientation

Placement Testing (Accuplacer, ACT, SAT)

Some basic information about taking the placement test which is required for some CE classes. Link to Placement Testing

S Number

An overview of your SLCC student ID number. Link to S Number

Sophomore Appeals

How to qualify as a sophomore to take a concurrent enrollment class. Link to Sophomore Appeals

Student ID Card

Perks and how to obtain your SLCC OneCard. Link to Student ID Card

Students With Disabilities

For students who have a disability that needs accommodations. Link to Students With Disabilities

Taking Classes (Registration)

Placement testing, registering for classes, and paying partial tuition. Link to Taking Classes

Utah Residence

For students who are not residents of Utah. Link to Utah Residence

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