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The grades you receive in your concurrent enrollment classes will be recorded on both your high school transcript as well as your permanent college transcript and will follow you throughout your college career. These grades can only be overridden by paying full tuition, retaking the class at SLCC, and then filling out a “Repeated Class Notification” form to have the higher grade reflected in your GPA. 

Be aware that receiving a poor grade in any of your concurrent enrollment classes could effect financial aid eligibility, your overall college GPA, athletic eligibility, and the ability to qualify for admission at some college and universities. So it is important that you take your concurrent enrollment classes seriously and work hard to earn good grades.

Viewing your grades

Grades can only be accessed using your SLCC MyPage account. You should check your MyPage account every semester to make sure you have been properly registered for your classes, and that there are no grading errors. Grade reports are not mailed.

Changing Your Grade

Once grades are entered into the SLCC college system by your instructor, no change is possible without your instructor’s approval. Grades may be changed only if an error was made. You may appeal grades up to 3 years after the grade is assigned. To change a grade your instructor will need to submit the grade change request to SLCC. 

Low Grades

Grades below 'C-' may not transfer to other colleges or universities. If you are transferring a course to another college or university, contact that institution. Low grades in some prerequisite classes may also prevent you from registering for subsequent classes. See Course Prerequisites for more information.

SLCC Grading Standards

A 4.0 Superior Grade
A- 3.7
B+  3.4
B 3.0 Above Average Grade
B- 2.7
C+ 2.4
C 2.0 Average Grade
C- 1.7
D+ 1.4
D 1.0
D- 0.7 Lowest Possible Grade
E 0 Failing
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