Certified National Pharmaceutical Representative

The Certified National Pharmaceutical Representative Online Training  Program will help you become an entry-level, certified pharmaceutical sales representative, even if you don't have pharmacology or medical education. In this program, you will learn the skills necessary to become  a certified pharmaceutical sales representative. The program covers pharmacology, medical terminology, physiology and regulations for selling pharmaceuticals.
The goal of the Certified National Pharmaceutical Representative Training Program is to prepare candidates for a career in pharmaceutical sales. All pharmaceutical sales representatives must be familiar with:

General medical terminology
Anatomy and physiology
Clinical pharmacology
Managed care 
Pharmaceutical terms, abbreviations, and definitions
Drug sampling rules
PI descriptions
Effective pharmaceutical selling techniques
Therapeutic classes and categories

Prior to enrolling in this course, a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution or 2 years of professional sales experience is required such as medical device sales, life sales in life sciences, technical sales or other related areas.

The National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives (NAPSRx) recognizes the challenges encountered in the day-to-day activity of selling to physicians, who expect sales representatives to know the clinical and pharmacology information about not only your product, but your competitors' products, too. The CNPR Pharmaceutical Sales Training Program will prepare you to sit for the CNPR national certification exam, as not additional cost.
In addition to NAPSRx’s CNPR certificate of completion, it's generally recommended for pharmaceutical sales representatives to have a Bachelor's degree. Some smaller- and medium-sized pharmaceutical sales companies don't require a college education; however, it's difficult for candidates to break into larger companies without acquiring some college hours. Students are encouraged to research the pharmaceutical job market in their area prior to taking the program.
Pharmaceutical sales reps are employed by pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors to inform physicians about their products. These reps help influence them to prescribe the drugs to their patients. They don’t make direct sales, and must rely on their interpersonal skills and knowledge of the products to sell their value to providers.

Pharmaceutical sales representatives must be experts on their company’s product lines, and need to be knowledgeable about the conditions the drugs treat. They promote the details of the products in meetings with physicians, so they need to have a high level of understanding about the drugs, similar drugs on the market, and the concerns of providers.
Pharmaceutical sales reps do more than meet with physicians in their offices. They also attend conferences and industry events to represent their products and network with pharmacists and other healthcare providers. Their goal is to increase the knowledge of their employer’s products and, in turn, the volume of sales.
$2195 exam price is included.
Financial assistance in the form of a student loan is available through our training partner, Education to Go (ed2go) with a very low down payment and low rates; the application process is quick and easy. Military funding, government workforce service grants, and tax credits might also be available. To learn more go to careertraining.ed2go.com/slcc and click on “Financial Assistance” on the lower right hand side of the page OR chat with an Online Admissions Counselor.