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Composites Technology

Utah, a leader in the growth of advanced manufacturing materials companies in the nation, employs more than 10,000 workers in the discipline. Major employers in Utah hiring technicians include aerospace, wind energy, outdoor products, medical prosthetics and automotive industries. SLCC has prepared composite technicians for this fast-growing field since 2010 and can give you the skills you need to join the industry.


  • Advanced composites parts and assembly
  • Assistant composite engineering technician
  • Automotive parts development
  • Bridge and building renovation projects
  • Composite sales and manufacturing
  • Quality control and inspection
  • Research and development assignments
  • Sporting goods, skiing and bicycle component fabrication
  • Medical equipment and prosthetics


Course WTCO 0100
Title Introduction to Advanced Composites Technician Training

This foundational course provides you with basic skills, knowledge and abilities in advanced composites production, including an understanding of the materials, processes and terminology. The course teaches skills in processing and handling of the fabrics, resins, molds, vacuum-bagging, part repair and core materials.  Incorporated are the related topics of total quality, safety, workplace success and automated machinery.  

Section List

WTCO 0100-001
Course Type: Lecture/Lab
Semester: Fall
Dates: Oct. 22 - Nov. 16
Days: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Time: 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Campus: Westpointe Center
Amount: $900
Call 801-957-
Course WTCO 0200
Title Tubular and Wound Structures
Prerequisite WTCO 0100

Filament winding, tape rolling, braiding

Course WTCO 0300
Title Tooling Design and Fabrication
Prerequisite WTCO 0100

3D CAD design and printing, CNC routing and mold making

Course WTCO 0400
Title Advanced Layup
Prerequisite WTCO 0500

Laser-assisted layup, resin transfer molding and vacuum infusion

Course WTCO 0500
Title Advanced Cure Programming
Prerequisite WTCO 0100

Autoclave, out-of-autoclave infusion and electron-beam curing

Course WTCO 0600
Title Damage Detection and Repair
Prerequisite WTCO 0100

Advanced composite skills required for FAA course in Airframe and Power plant Mechanics certification under FAA-AC 65-33A

Registration Info

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