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Workforce Training & Continuing Education

Utah Notary Public Training Workshop


Call Enrollment Services at 801-957-5200.  Registration cut-off is 24 hours prior to workshop. Payment must be submitted at the time you enroll. A confirmation will be sent, and you will be notified via email if the class is canceled, which happens if there are less than five students.

For late registration, please contact or call 801-957-5407 to get your name on the class roster (no guarantee). If late registration is confirmed, you must call Enrollment Services immediately to register and submit your payment.

Candidates who want to become Notaries must:

  • Be a permanent Utah resident 18 years or older
  • Complete a workshop (recommended, but not required)
  • Apply to the State of Utah to become a Notary and register for the required online test
  • Pass the online test with 61 or higher (out of 65)
  • Obtain a $5,000 bond
  • Purchase an approved Notary stamp once Notary Commission has been received.

You will learn everything you need to know to pass the State of Utah's online notary exam.  Your instructor will go over all aspects of being a Notary and provide a training manual that you can keep for future reference.

No, the State of Utah does not allow providers of workshops to also administer the test. The Notary exam is done online. Your instructor will provide information about how to register for the online exam.

Call Ms. Mykel Severson at 801-957-5407, Monday, Tuesday & Thursday, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm or email

A full refund is available if notice of cancellation is emailed to a minimum of 48 hours prior to the start of the course or you can call 801-957-5407 to cancel. Students are allowed to transfer to a future course if they cannot attend the one they registered for.