Criminal Justice


CJ 1010 – Introduction to Criminal Justice (SS,DV) 3 cr
Exposes students to theories, concepts, and methods used to facilitate understanding, predicting and responding to issues of deviance and crime in America. Also includes development and evolution of components of American Criminal Justice System, including the history of racial, ethnic and gender discrimination on charging, conviction, incarceration and employment.

CJ 1300 – Introduction to Corrections 3 cr
Prereq: CJ 1010 or instructor approval. This course examines the history, function and administration of corrections in our criminal justice system.

CJ 1330 – Criminal Law 3 cr
Prereq: CJ 1010. This course examines crimes, defenses, and the historical origins and functions of criminal law in our society. Topics include sources of substantive law, classification of crimes parties to crime, and related topics.

CJ 1340 – Criminal Investigations 3 cr
Prereq: CJ 1010. Duties of officers in investigation of crimes. Included are investigative techniques in preliminary and follow-up investigation: reports, interviewing, interrogation, obtaining information, locating and arresting suspects, prep. for trial.

CJ 1350 – Introduction to Forensic Science 3 cr
Recommended Prereq: CJ 1340. This covers the importance of locating, collection and preservation of physical evidence at crime scenes. Included are crime laboratory techniques and services in examination of evidence.

CJ 1900 – Special Studies 1 - 24 cr
This course covers independent study in criminal justice. Students can earn 2-4 elective credits for this class. CJ elective credit may also be earned for POST, EMT, or other training courses offered at SLCC Institute of Public Safety.

CJ 1910 – Special Function/Reserve Officer 12 cr
Module I (13 weeks). Must be 21 years old to be admitted to the academy. Eligible for airport or campus security, corrections, and constable service.

CJ 1920 – Peace Officer Basic 12 cr
Prereq: CJ 1910. Module II (20 weeks). Prepares participants for Law Enforcement Certification.

CJ 2000 – Criminal Justice Co-op 2 - 4 cr
Prereq: CJ 1010, CJ 1330, CJ 1340, CJ 1350 and CJ 2350. This course provides for supervised work experience in a public or private agency related to criminal justice. Must complete specific learning objectives related to their program major and employment.

CJ 2020 – Criminal Justice Supervision 3 cr
Prereq: CJ 1010. Designed for first line supervisors in criminal justice agencies. Topics covered include work environment, diversity, motivation, discipline, evaluation, planning and leadership. Supervisory report writing is an integral part.

CJ 2060 – Community Corrections 3 cr
Prereq: CJ 1010. Examines the types of sentences utilized as alternatives to incarceration. Included are probation, parole, substance abuse and other treatment programs, half-way houses, house arrest, electronic monitoring, community service, etc.

CJ 2110 – Introduction to Security 3 cr
Prereq: CJ 1010. Studies security in the private sector. Covered are personnel investigations, physical security, investigative techniques, security awareness, risk management and internal and external theft and fraud.

CJ 2260 – Contemporary Prison/Jail Issues 3 cr
Prereq: CJ 1010. Focuses on the various problems encountered in prisons and jails. Topic areas include officer morale and conduct, inmate culture, cultural diversity, custody and control, discipline, treatment, inmate deprivations and violence.

CJ 2300 – Introduction to Policing 3 cr
Prereq: CJ 1010. Examines the history, function and administration of policing and the role of police in modern society. Special emphasis will be placed on problems and issues confronting police and solutions within an organizational framework.

CJ 2330 – Juvenile Justice 3 cr
Prereq: CJ 1010. Examines juvenile crime, trial and sentencing, trying of juveniles as adults. Laws regarding child abuse, foster care, termination of parental rights, child custody, adoption and the evolving nature of juvenile law.

CJ 2350 – Laws of Evidence 3 cr
Prereq: CJ 1010 and CJ 1330. This course covers principles and law regarding evidence in criminal cases. Special attention will be placed on the Constitutional limitations on arrest, search and seizure, and impact of the exclusionary rule on law enforcement techniques and practices.

CJ 2390 – Traffic Law/Related Services 3 cr
Prereq: CJ 1010. Course covers the role of law enforcement in traffic safety, traffic law, accident investigation, auto-related crime investigation and other highway related problems.

CJ 2410 – Introduction to Victimology 3 cr
Prereq: CJ 1010. This course examines the science of Victimology.

CJ 2420 – Anatomy of Homicide Investigation 3 cr
Prereq: CJ 1010. This course follows investigative methods utilized in homicide cases.

CJ 2440 – Organized Crime 3 cr
Prereq: CJ 1010. This course examines roots, causes, and operations of organized crime in the United States and around the world from the late 1800's at the beginning of the Mafia to modern gangs and organized criminal elements.

CJ 2450 – Terrorism 3 cr
Prereq: CJ 1010. This course examines the history and development of terrorism in modern society and the destructive methods that terrorists use to accomplish their goals. Also included is a section on bio-terrorism.

CJ 2460 – Psychological Profiling 3 cr
Prereq: CJ 1010. This course examines the technique of criminal investigation analysis and psychological profiling.

CJ 2470 – Introduction to Criminology 3 cr
Prereq: CJ 1010. This course covers various theories in the study of criminology and criminal behavior.

CJ 2480 – Crime Scene Processing 3 cr
Prereq: CJ 1010. This course covers the duties and responsibilities of the crime scene technician at the scene of the crime. Includes instruction on the proper collection, handling, and securing of evidence.

CJ 2490 – Drug Trafficking 3 cr
Prereq: CJ 1010. This course examines the government's efforts in the war on drugs.

CJ 2500 – Contemporary Violence 3 cr
Prereq: CJ 1010. This course examines violence in our society. Topics covered will be serial killing, mass murder, spree killing, etc.

CJ 2510 – Psychology of Criminal Behavior 3 cr
Prereq: CJ 1010. This course examines the psychological aspects of criminal behavior.

CJ 2530 – Police Patrol Techniques 3 cr
Prereq: CJ 1010. This course covers the history, dynamics, and principles of police patrol operations and techniques. Special emphasis will be on Directed Patrol, Service-Oriented Policing, and cutting-edge approaches to front-line street policing.

CJ 2540 – Careers in Law Enforcement 3 cr
Prereq: CJ 1010. This course provides an insight into the workings and hiring practices of various law enforcement agencies such as ATF, DEA, FBI, and local, county, and state police agencies. Also available is access to law enforcement guest lectures.

CJ 2560 – Law Enforcement Documentation 3 cr
Prereq: CJ 1010. This course covers specialized communications in Law Enforcement from initial report to courtroom testimony.

CJ 2920 – Special Topics in CJ 3 cr
The specific titles of courses and credit hours will appear in the class schedule. The courses offered under this category are utilized to offer the student educational opportunities in current criminal justice/law enforcement issues.