CSIS 1020 Challenge Exam Information

The CSIS 1020 Challenge Exam consists of FOUR separate sections using the current version of Office:

  1. Microsoft Word 2016 — skill-based activities
  2. Microsoft Excel 2016 — skill-based activities
  3. Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 — skill-based activities
  4. Computer Terminology and Theory — 40 multiple choice/matching questions.

Each student is allowed up to four hours to take the exam. Student should be a current SLCC student and SHOULD NOT be currently enrolled in CSIS 1020. Student must score a minimum of 70% on each individual section AND have a weighted average of 80% on all four sections. (Excel, Word, and PowerPoint are weighted more than the other section in calculating the average.)

Some areas you will be tested on:

  • Word — Mail Merge
    • Inserting files/pictures
  • Excel — Lookups
    • Financial Functions
    • Nested functions
    • Conditional Formatting
  • PowerPoint — Themes
    • WordArt and SmartArt
    • Using Video and Audio files

A free sample exam is available online to all prospective examinees. The CSIS Department strongly recommends that students take the sample exam to become familiar with the testing environment before taking the actual exam.

The sample exam shows the two types of activities you will be asked to complete. The first type is multiple-choice questions that would be similar to the concepts portion of the actual Challenge exam. The second type is a project which will have you download a file, follow a series of instructions, and then upload that same file. That file will then be automatically graded. You will be required to complete this type of project for Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The sample exam is only in Word, but on the Challenge Exam, there will be projects for each one.

The purpose of the sample exam is to gain familiarity with the software that will be used for the actual exam. The sample exam should NOT be taken in order to try and learn computer theory and the software programs. Passing the sample exam DOES NOT guarantee that the student will pass the actual exam.

To take the sample exam:

  1. Go to test website
  2. login with this information
    • Username: CSIS1020sample
    • Password: csis1020

After a student has taken the sample exam, if he/she is ready to take the actual Challenge Exam, these are the steps that should be followed:

  1. Pay the exam fee of $50.00 at any SLCC Cashier office or the Testing/Assessment Center
  2. Contact the Testinq/Assessment Center to schedule a time to take the actual exam.
  3. You must sign up at least 24 hours in advance of your desired testing date/time.
  4. Make sure you allow up to four hours to take the exam.
  5. You must bring your receipt and a valid picture ID (Student ID, Driver's License or State ID)
  6. Be on time for the exam, the testing time is NOT extended if the student is late.
  7. The exam is given in the Construction Trades Building, Room 33.
  8. No cell phones or electronic devices are allowed when taking the exam.
  9. Students must take the exam without using any additional reference materials or electronic devices. Cheating is not allowed; one warning will be given before exam is invalidated.
  10. You may not ask the test administrator or lab aides for help in completing the activities or answering the questions.
  11. Once the student has completed the exam, it will take approximately TWO WEEKS to process your results. NO EXCEPTIONS. Students should plan to take the exam the semester prior to registering for classes.
  12. After two weeks you should receive notification whether or not you passed the exam.
  13. The results of the exam are final and are not open for student review.