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Culinary Arts

Learning Outcomes

The School of Business is committed to assessing its courses. Our program learning outcomes and course learning outcomes are consistent with the SLCC institutional-level learning outcomes (PDF). These learning outcomes for the College indicate that upon successful completion of any program at SLCC, students:

Program Student Learning Outcomes

Related College-Wide Student Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate and apply principles and techniques of sanitation, personal hygiene, and professional attire to the hospitality environment.

1 - Substantive Knowledge
2 - Communicate Effectively

Demonstrate the skills and behaviors required during customer service to analyze, judge, and act in ways that contribut to guest satisfaction.

1 - Substantive Knowledge
4 - Think Critically

Use industry specific technology to retrieve, create, organize, and communicate information in ways that inform and enhance individual and organizational performance.

1 - Substantive Knowledge
2 - Communicate Effectively

Demonstrate and analyze food cost and implement necessary controls to maintain costs and ensure profitability within a food service operation.

1 - Substantive Knowledge
3 - Develop Quantitative Literacy

Demonstrate a comprehension of cooking techniques and knife skills.

1 - Substantive Knowledge

Demonstrate an understanding of the knowledge needed to be a supervisor in the hospitality industry.

1 - Substantive Knowledge
4 - Think Critically

Apply the principles and practices of sustainability to respect heritage, the process and the health of the planet for future generations.

1 - Substantive Knowledge
5 - Civic Engagement

Demonstrate professionalism and leadership standards relating to appearance, time management and conduct.

6 - Working Professionally

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