Qualified faculty identify the need for a new course or course changes

When qualified teaching faculty identify the need for a new course or course changes, the faculty member is responsible for the Course Curriculum Outline (CCO) content and seeing the proposal through the curriculum process. Additional faculty, PAC members, transfer partners, the academic program advisor and others should provide input on course proposals.

School Curriculum Committee

Once the CCO is complete and ready to move forward for approval, the first step is the School Curriculum Committee. Curriculum changes are discussed in this meeting. The CCO is vetted for academic rigor, course learning objectives, curricular needs, including library resources, capacity and resource issues and more. After approval at the at the School level, the School Curriculum Tech uploads the CCO and representative syllabus to the Curriculum SharePoint site.

  • General Education Approval (if necessary) If the course is seeking General Education designation, the faculty member must also complete Attachment A and present to the General Education Committee. The CCO, Attachment A and representative course syllabus will be evaluated against existing General Education designations as outlined in the Curriculum Handbook.
  • Service Learning Approval (if necessary) Once a course is fully approved, the faculty member can seek Service Learning designation for the course or for specific sections of the course. Additional documentation and approval is required for Service Learning through the Thayne Center.

College Curriculum Committee

The College Curriculum Committee is a subcommittee of the Faculty Senate which meets bi-monthly from September through May. This committee ensures sound curricular procedures are followed and to evaluate the CCO for academic rigor with special attention given to the correlation between course learning outcomes and assessment of those outcomes. Once the CCO has passed the College Curriculum Committee, and additional committees if necessary, it is presented to the Faculty Senate.

Faculty Senate

All curricular items passed in the Senate Curriculum Committee are presented to the Faculty Senate. This is the final approval body for courses.

Catalog Entry and Banner programming

After approval by the Faculty Senate, the course details provided on the CCO are programmed in Banner and added to the appropriate SLCC catalog. CCOs, representative course syllabi and additional course curriculum documents are housed on the Curriculum SharePoint site.